Our Works...

"Salon11" Art Forum
Hearing and mentally impaired children group
Elders with dementia group
Healing HK Project
Workshop for SEN Youth
CUHK Workshop
Greenery Angles Training Workshop
Secondary school workshop
Labour Dept. Training Courses (II)
Green Care ~ Forest Therapy Forum & Outdoor Workshop
HT group for kids with emotional problems
Happy Life "Plan&Go"
NGO staff training workshops
Labour Dept. Training Courses
HT X Baking Class
HT group for primary students
HTAA International Conference & China Annual Symposium of Horticultural Therapy
HT workshops for elders at DECC
Outdoor family activity
SWD volunteer training
CUHK Wu Yee Sun College
Primary school staff training
"Long Green Summer" HT Group
"Happy Flowers" HT group for mentally impaired children
Workshop for CUHK students
HT X EAT Forum & Workshop 2018
Family activity for drug abusers
NGO Elders Home staff training
HT workshop for Arthome members
Memory training for elders
"Flower Blossom" workshop for kids
"Flower Blossom" workshop for women
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