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About  Horticultural Therapy Professional Development Association


The role of HTPDA is to become a promoter of horticultural therapy in Hong Kong. Dedicated to continually developing professional growth and popularization, providing professional services, and fostering professionals for horticultural therapy in Hong Kong. The Association also provides services for matching and communication between horticultural therapists and service users.


HTPDA promotes the effectiveness of horticultural therapy as an auxiliary therapy, and its application in humanistic organizations. For the continuing development of horticultural therapy, HTPDA fosters related professionals, enhances professional growth in the field, raises public awareness and increases public participation for the wider use of horticultural therapy in daily life.



Principles and Values

HTPDA believes that Mother Nature has the power to heal, and plants are effective cures in humanistic work. The following core principles and values of horticultural therapy services include respect for all creatures respecting, protection of nature, humanism, professionalism, and the pursuit of progress.




  1. To build a local certified system, and foster professionals in horticultural therapy.

  2. To elevate the legitimacy and professional status of horticultural therapists as auxiliary therapists, and to promote the employment of horticultural therapists in humanistic organizations.

  3. To promote to build a continuous learning system for horticultural therapists in order to improve the quality of services.

  4. To raise public awareness of, and popularize horticultural therapy.

  5. To spur local empirical research and share work experience.

Association Logo

The logo combines symbolic the colors of yellow, green, brown, blue, and white, meaning sunlight, plants, earth, water and leaf. These are key ingredients in horticultural therapy. The white leaf means that we can always find something new about ourselves from the brand-new perspective of horticultural therapy services. Together, humans and Mother Nature can create various possibilities, as the harmonious mixing of colors in the logo. This is the wonder of horticultural therapy.

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